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Steven Lynes Sr.
Vice President of Operations

Steve has been working for Conception Tile off and on since the mid-eighties. He started out as a helper during the summers while in high school. He then worked full time as a tile setter after college and prior to his first overseas excursion with the U.S. Army. Upon his return from military service in 1997 he resumed work as a tile setter and learned granite fabrication as well. Shortly thereafter he was recalled to active duty for another extended vacation courtesy of Uncle Sam. Upon his return he spent another two years as a tile setter and fabricator prior to working for the U.S. Postal Service for 5 years. He ultimately returned to work

in outside sales and estimating in February of 2004 after getting tired of being told to work slower because he was making his co-workers look bad. Steve was instrumental in the major expansion of the company and he credits his success to his leadership and management skills acquired during 15 years of military service both active and reserve.

When not working, Steve enjoys spending his time with his wife and four children, reading & studying history, or hiking and shooting. He is very politically active and has a number of political issues that he endeavors to inspire positive change and awareness of, chief among these being the right of citizens to keep and bear arms and the maintenance of individual liberty as conceived by the American Founders.