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Manuel Barajas
Master Fabricator/ Shop Manager

Manuel Barajas has lived and worked in Santa Barbara County his entire life. Previously working for Celite and Berto Van Veen Construction, Manuel started with Conception Tile in 2001. Learning the skill of fabrication from every aspect, he has crafted his knowledge over the years and worked up throught the ranks, earning promotions from hard work and determination.

Experienced in hand shaping edge details, saw operations, stone repair and restoration, Manuel has risen above the rest to become shop manager by 2008. Along the way, Manuel has researched, tested

and tried many aspects of stone restoration and top polishing. Successful in his attempts, this has proven quite an asset not only to himself, but Conception Tile customer service as well.

In 2008, Manuel has undertaken a more interactive role with the granite division of Conception Tile. Becoming more of a visual impact to the fabrication process by interacting with new clients, assisting in layouts/ concerns with material, being present at the jobs from template and install. Manuel has also been trained and certified on the machinery in the shop: Park Industries “Yukon II” bridge saw; Park Industries “Destiny XE” CNC; Park Industries “Velocity” line edging machine; Blick Industries “ProLiner V.8”

Beyond work, Manuel has many activities that he participates and enjoys. A car enthusiast, he is currently restoring his ’65 Impala SS; enjoys fishing with his friends and family; recently promoted to the rank of black belt in IKCA Kenpo Karate; has served as a deacon with his church since 2006 – current.